Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beaver Moon

Well, it's been a while, folks.  I've been observing and learning all the while but the photography has suffered.  Struggles with focusing and failing hardware have made it a challenge.  My little D90 is nearing (or already surpassed) it's average lifespan.  Blah blah, excuses excuses.

Tonight (11/28/12) is a rare treat as Jupiter is snuggling up close to the full "Beaver" Moon.  Jupiter is nearing opposition on 12/3 where it will be at it's closest position to the Earth for almost a decade.  The Great Red Spot will be swinging into view during that time as well.  So it's a great time to grab any telephoto lens, binoculars, or scope and check it out.

I stepped out to check  the sky this evening and with luck the clouds were breaking up.  They stayed partly cloudy for about 15 min.  Just enough time to snap of these shots before my lens fogged up completley.  Always prep your gear for temperature.  In winter, I recommend placing your camera bag somewhere equal (or near) to the outside temperature, like a shed, sunporch, or garage for a few hours before heading out.  If not your glass is going to fog bueno. When returning home, it's just as important (if not more so) to slowly bring your gear back up to room temp and placing it in a sealed bag to reduce condensation while doing so.

Enjoy my impromptu robe-wearing driveway astrophotography:

f9, 1sec, ISO400

f8, 3sec, ISO320

f8, 1sec, ISO320

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