Friday, March 22, 2013


The promising "year of comets" kicked off early this month with comet PanSTARRS finally visible in the northern hemisphere.  It has been either completely overcast or just cloudy at the western horizon every evening until the sky beautifully cleared on 14th.  I had a wicked cold brewing but I forced myself get out to go stand in a field in the freezing cold waiting for a glimpse since I knew it could be the last good view (and boy, was I was right!).  The Sun set at 7:26pm and after scanning and scanning with the binocs I nearly gave up when I finally spotted it much later than I expected, around 8:25pm (good thing I'm so stubborn!).  It was only barely naked eye visible for a very brief time around 8:30pm but you kinda really needed to already know exactly where to look.  Of course, a few seconds at ISO1000 made it really pop.  Here's the two worthy images.

3/14/13 8:30pm
300mm, f5.6, 1sec, ISO1000
Moon and comet PanSTARRS
3/14/13 8:38pm
29mm, f5.6, 10sec, ISO640

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